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Climate Action

At the SSF we believe that climate change is an immediate concern for local communities and the health of the surrounding environments. Our marine life in the Koh Rong archipelago is breathtakingly beautiful and we will strive to keep it that way.

The primary goal over the next five years is to increase the resilience of local communities to changing climates. We aim to provide year-round freshwater to 5000 more mangrove saplings. These aims make up a much larger and integrated approach to combatting ocean warming and dryer seasons.

We completed a study in 2015 which showed that local communities are strongly aware of our changing climate and the risks it presents. They especially noted that dry seasons are getting longer and rainy seasons shorter, resulting in an ever increasing lack of fresh water. We have also noted a change in regional ocean temperatures causing pressure on the health of coral reef systems. These concerns have presented the Song Saa Foundation with an opportunity to increase local community resilience to environmental changes, whilst also working to conserve marine habitats.

Our work with climate change is in its infancy. Historically, we have planted mangroves, established coral reefs and collected data on marine health, and our efforts to aid local community to provide drinking water to one of our five local communities. We are now searching for funding to establish similar projects in the remaining villages.

To find out more about how you can help up with climate action programmes, contact Wayne at [email protected]