Water. People. Land.

Song Saa Foundation


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Who we are

The Song Saa Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 to protect the habitats of the Koh Rong Archipelago and improve the welfare of its communities. The Foundation continues the conservation work we began in 2006, when we first came to Koh Ouen, and at present we are proud to have launched a broad range of conservation and humanitarian initiatives that go well beyond the borders of the archipelago. From establishing the kingdom’s first marine reserve, we have grown to become a preeminent coastal marine NGO, helping improve the lives of local people and promoting the protection of the environment wherever our work takes us.

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What we do

Saving sea turtles, providing medical care, promoting local designs and launching education programmes – Song Saa Foundation’s projects are diverse in scope. Using science, innovation and collaboration to implement useful and impactful actions, we divide our programmes into the main categories of water, people and land.

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Our Impact

We're proud to say that, with the help of our partners, collaborators and volunteers, the Song Saa Foundation has had a postitive impact upon our communities and our environment. Take a look at what we've achieved so far…

How we are funded

[{"data_label":"Donations","data_value":"24","data_color":"#9e9e9e"},{"data_label":"Grants","data_value":"42","data_color":"#737277"},{"data_label":"Other (e.g., charity nights)","data_value":"4","data_color":"#7bbdb9"},{"data_label":"SSPI CSR fund","data_value":"12","data_color":"#68b4b0"},{"data_label":"Tropical Marine Conservation Volunteer Programme","data_value":"18","data_color":"#7EDDD5"}]

How we allocate

[{"data_label":"Boat of Hope","data_value":"10","data_color":"#607D8B"},{"data_label":"Community (Poverty Reduction)","data_value":"5","data_color":"#36474F"},{"data_label":"Education","data_value":"16","data_color":"#737277"},{"data_label":"Health","data_value":"8","data_color":"#9E9E9E"},{"data_label":"Marine Conservation","data_value":"53","data_color":"#68b4b0"},{"data_label":"Other","data_value":"1","data_color":"#C0F1ED"},{"data_label":"Solid Waste Management","data_value":"6","data_color":"#7EDDD5"}]